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Humble Beginnings

Born in Drayton Valley, Alberta, Dave Wolsey found great interest in computers and the internet. After graduating from high school, he served a two year mission in the West Indies where he learned French and developed a great love for the West Indian people.

Upon his return, he moved to Calgary and earned a degree in Computer Technology from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). During his studies, he started a work practicum at Wise Mortgage Inc. where he designed and developed wisemortgage.com. Alongside studying and doing side work in IT Dave met his wonderful wife Tera, and were married 8 months later


Through his work with Wise Mortgage Inc. Dave found a knack for website design and IT consulting. In 2004 Dave founded Wolsey-Tech Inc, with the goal of providing website design and IT Consulting to companies across Calgary

Move and expansion

In 2007 Dave move from Calgary to Camrose with his Wife Tera and their four children. Wolsey-Tech followed alongside, and began serving the central region

family photo

Dave and his loving Family

Start of Tracking System

After finding IT work within the oil and gas industry Dave found himself getting frustrated with the large Excel spreadsheets that his company was using. To combat these clunky sheets Dave designed the first version of his HR tracker, which helped streamline his company's logbooks and organization. This in turn allowed for greater expansion, as the HR tracker allowed for more personnel and equipment to be hired and working with the same amount of management.


After realizing the potential of such a system Wolsey-Tech has now expanded to several companies across both Alberta and Saskatchewan. This in addition to the increase in website design and IT consultation has cemented Wolsey-Tech as the IT firm to work with in the central region.